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Well a lovely morning for a trip to Frankston.

Weather was good might even say warm when i left the house so al in all i was loking for a good day.

Didn’t really have much of a list together for this ride, but I was pretty confident Dave, and Aaron would be along, possibly Penny but she did say only maybe.

Got to the meet point a few mins early so sat down and had a bit of time watching the traffic etc, along came Dave, then a few seconds later Aaron rocked up, the 3 of us it was.

Took it really easy for the whole ride really. Keeping a steady but easily comfortable pace . Got to Frankston, few mins breather by the BP Garage then on our way again.

Again taking an easy pace home. Just before St Kilda Dave needed a small refuel so we stopped at one of his mates shop’s for 3 YES 3 Hot chocs, obviously needed a pick me up. Had a chat with her for a bit, sorry Dave forgot her name i’m sure you can enlighten me on that one. Then on our way. Aaron went straight on here and we waved him good bye till next time.

Almost at Chapel st and the heavens opened, great. Did we get soaked ohhhh yeah we did. Managed to navigate my way slowly up Chapel St which was very slippery and once again the drivers were not on the cyclists side.

Got home showered and thought to myself what a great morning’s riding.

Thanks Guys see you next week


Polar stats


45 minute job day 2

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Ok its def getting easier……..

Another 45 mins knocked on the head, I can really feel myself coming along leaps and bounds, as im using the same route and same time frame and im getting back to the house quicker everytime, so im having to jog up and down the street.

Also I feel like there’s alot less effort going in every time i do it. This is the 2nd 45 minute jog in 2 days and there is no more now until friday when I have to complete a 1hr 10 min jog……. I hope i can manage that one.

As usual here’s the graph


45 Minute Jog

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Well after no ride to work today as the rain was threatening, I had to do a 45 minute jog today as per the polar jogging plan.

45 minute’s of jogging seemed like alot to ask, especially as the legs are still sore from a huge riding week last week.

Started off well and I have to say it lasted with no issues.  Feel strong and confident that continuing the plan will be easily achievable.   Looking forward to putting a good effort in at a fun run soon.

Run 15th may

45 Minute Brisk walk

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Did my 45 minute brisk wal today felt good. No pains and good solid low heart rate, hopefullyi can improve on this as time goes on now.


Mordi and back

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Quick pootle down to Mordiallic this morning, woke up at 620am as not to be late for the 7 o o clock meet ( by the Lambo garage). First time ever I was early yipeeeeeeeee…

Lambo GarageWaiting around

Started off the ride slow and to be honest it never really speeded up which i’m quite glad off if the truth me known, what with the knee playing up sligtly.

Near Blackrock there was a cyclist involved in a accident with a 4wd, ambulance and police in attendance so here’s hoping he’s ok, but it didn’t look to good as i was being stretchered off.

No more drama’s on the trip, as mentioned slow pace, just to recover and let the knee get back to normal.

Here’s the polar statsStats for mordi ride 14th may 2007

First Jog

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Just completed my first “jog” and i have to say it was hard.

Seemed to spend most of the run with the heart rate way way up there, goes to show that the sports of cycling and running are very different.

Although it was hard i have to say i did enjoy it no pain as such and apart from being out of breath all was good.

I am very unfit…..

First jog

Night Out

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Went for a night out last night with Weeeeeeeeee, his good lady and his daughter.  Went to Lygon street for some Italian, very very nice.   Even had a few beers which is unusual for me these days.

After that they kindly gave us  a lift into the city where of course Heidi got plastered and I had to carry her home.

Just got up after midday and now very hungry


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Ok went TO Frankston for the second time in 2 days, met up with a few guys from the Forum, Aaron, Sacha, and Sette.

Met up at 7 and took a realxed pace down Beach road. Great ride, hint of rain at one point but it held off and we kept dry all the way which was awesome.

The guys stopped in Frankston for a Cafe stop, but i wanted to get back as not to annoy Heidi To much.

As i was almost home Heidi called said she was going for a ride and can i come, so i did.

Stats for day on pic

Home to Frankston and return

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Went for a morning ride down to Frankston this morning via beach road.

Great morning for a ride, fresh and cold, but no rain which is what we like eh.

No issues or drama’s on this ride. Not even a flat. Had some difficulty getting the new hrm to work properly, have the cycle side of it working well but couldn’t get the heart rate to show so back to the drawing board on that one eh.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Its the s520 from polar, discontinued model but had it at an awesome price so couldn’t resist.

Anyway Stats 92.2km average 32km/h

Bike issue

May 7, 2007 at 1:04 am | Posted in bike problems, cycling, Giant | 2 Comments

Have an issue with the bike.

There is wear on the frame from the front cable which has taken the laquere off. Im concered that its gonna get worse.

Pic enclosed

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